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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Version 2 of Carts with Fonts list is ready for download!

I just finished uploading the new version of the Cricut Carts with Fonts list.

I made a few changes to it. There is now a column for you to tick if you own the cart, plus there is another column which notes whether the font has a shadow. Here's a sneak peak:

There are about double the number of pages now, BUT the way I have done it will mean that in future you won't have to print out all the pages again. I'll let you know which pages have a change on them! Hope you find that feature useful.

There are now two versions of the PDF you can download. One uses the US letter size paper and the other the A4 size paper.

Here's the two links:

US letter version:

A4 version:

When downloading the file, make sure you don't click on anything other than the "Click here to start download...." button. That way you won't download any nasties.

I'll be uploading a tutorial on downloading files from Media Fire later today!

Enjoy! Again, let me know if there's any changes you would like.



Jody said...

Once again, THANK YOU for doing this. Awesome job!!!

Colleen and Keith said...

This is going to be so helpful! Thanks for the updates!

Beau said...

This is amazing. Thanks so so so much!

Karen said...

Thank you SO much for doing this! I know it was a lot of work for you and I really appreciate it. I'm sure I will be using this all of the time!

-Candi said...

You are WONDERFUL! I've been cutting all my fonts (ABCabc123) and gluing to cardstock I can hang on my wall but I love having this so I can have it on my cell phone or laptop and to see which other fonts I might want :)

wb_melody said...

Thank you SO much for doing and sharing this!

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