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Friday, 30 April 2010

Downloading and installing DS updates

Frequently asked questions about adding cartridges to Design Studio

Q: I have cartridges missing from DS – how do I add them?

A: You need to update the PROGRAM and/or the CARTRIDGE CONTENT. See the tutorial below.

Q: I have repeatedly updated the firmware on my Cricut, but I still don't have all the cartridges.

A: Firmware just helps your Cricut talk to your computer. You need to update the Design Studio SOFTWARE to get new carts and updates to the program. (See below)

Q: I downloaded the Cartridge Content from the update link but I still don't have all my cartridges.

A: The CARTRIDGE CONTENT download contains only the most recently released cartridges. Look at the details at the download page. It tells you which carts are included in the font pack download. All other carts are bundled in the PROGRAM UPDATE.

Q: I selected Help, Check for Updates in DS and it says my DS is up to date. But I'm still missing cartridges!

A: For some reason, the Check for Update function has never worked. You need to go to to download the update.

Installing Design Studio updates - Start to finish

First some housekeeping:
  1. Make sure Design Studio is CLOSED when you are installing the updates.
  2. If your computer has multiple login id's make sure you are logged in as the administrator.
  3. Uninstall DS before updating. (There have been enough m/b members having problems with DS after installing updates to convince me that uninstalling IS a good idea.) Your serial number won't be removed if you do uninstall, so you don't have to worry about getting a new one. And your existing files won't be deleted. (But you are backing up your computer files regularly anyway aren't you….. aren't you?) To uninstall DS select Start, Control Panel, Programs, then select Cricut Design Studio and select Uninstall/Change.
  4. After you have uninstalled DS you should navigate to your c:/mydocuments/cricut/userdata folder and delete this file: CricutFontsMetadata.xml. Deleting this file usually fixes the problem of cartridges being in the wrong order. A new file will be created when you next open DS. Be aware - deleting this file removes any cartridges you have saved to your "My cartridges" and "Favorites" libraries. You will need to add them again after you have updated. 
  5. You should disable your firewall and virus software as they can block or interfere with the download. Once you have downloaded the updates and DS is running correctly, you can then turn them back on. Refer to the documentation that came with your virus software/firewall on how to disable it.
  6. To avoid unnecessary errors you should SAVE the installation file to your computer, and then run it from there. Running the installation file directly from the download link (especially the Font Pack) can cause corruption or errors during installation.

If you use the Firefox web browser you can specify where you want the download to automatically be saved.

  • In Firefox select Tools, Options then select the General tab. (See pic below)
  • Click on the 'Save files to' button, and then click the Browse button. Select the directory to where you want downloads to automatically be saved. I always use the Downloads folder, but you might prefer just to save it to your desktop. Anywhere is fine! So long as you can find it later….
  • To make it easier to find the downloaded file, make sure you tick "Show the Downloads window when downloading a file"

Alternatively you could select the 'Always ask me where to save files' button. Then, each time you download something from the internet you will be asked where to save the file.

By default Internet Explorer asks you whether you want to Save or Run the install file.

Let's get started.

First you'll download and install the PROGRAM UPDATE. If you have done this recently (since November 2009) and you just want the latest released carts you can ignore these steps and go directly to the FONT PACK update info at the end of this tutorial.

Updating the PROGRAM

Go to

You will be presented with this page:

  • Click on the first Download button.
Here's what you should see:

Internet Explorer
  • Click the Save File button (it may take a few seconds for the button to become active)

You should see this box:

When the download is complete you will see this box:

  • Double click the Setup.exe file to start the installation.
  • Click the Save button
You'll be prompted for a save location:

  • Navigate to the folder you want to save DS to then press the Open button.
If there is already a copy of setup.exe in that folder you may see this message:

  • Select Yes

You should see this box:

Make sure there is no tick beside "Close this dialog box when download completes"
  • When the download is complete press the Run button.

  • If you get a security warning that says "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" click YES.
You'll then see the Cricut Design Studio Setup Wizard box.

  • Click the Next button to install Design Studio

  • Click the I Agree button

Now you need to choose where you want to install Design Studio. 

The default location (C:\Program Files\Cricut Software\Cricut DesignStudio) should appear in the Destination Folder box.

  • To accept the default location press the Install button
When the update has been installed you will see this box:

  • Click the Finish button
Design Studio has now been updated.

The next step is to download and install the Cartridge Content.

This time click the second Download button.

Internet Explorer

  • Click the Save File button

You will see the download box:

  • When the download is complete, double click the FontUpdate download.


  • Click the Save button

  • Navigate to where you want to save the fonts file then click the Save button
The fonts file will start to download.

  • When the download is complete click the Run button
  • If you get a security warning that says "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" click YES.
You will then see the Cricut Design Studio Font Installer box.

  • Click the Install Fonts (As Administrator) box
This only takes a few seconds. When it's complete you'll see this box:

  • Press the OK button
You might want to restart your computer at this stage.

When you next open Design Studio all the new carts will appear.

Monday, 26 April 2010

List of retired cartridges

Here's the up to date list of the carts that are being/have been retired and the date of announcement.

Many of the Creative Memories carts have been retired but I don't have those details.

List current at December 2011 (when PC stopped announcing which carts were being retired.)

50 States - March 2011
A Child's Year - November 2011
All Mixed Up - May 2010
Animal Kingdom - February 2011
Baseball - July 2010
Basecamp - November 2010
Basketball - July 2010
Batman - The Brave and the Bold - December 2011
Beyond Birthdays - October 2010
Billionaire - October 2011
Blackletter Solutions - February 2010
Block Party - October 2011
Camp Out - February 2011
Car Decals - April 2011
Cars - June 2011
Celebrations - January 2011
Chore Chart - October 2011
Christmas (Noel) Solutions - February 2010
Christmas Cheer- May 2010
Cupcake - August 2011
Dinosaur Tracks - June 2011
Disney Princesses - Dreams Come True - August 2011
Doodletype - April 2011
Fabulous Finds - November 2010
Forever Young - December 2011
Graphically Speaking - November 2011
Handyman - October 2011
Hannah Montana - August 2011
Happily Ever After- June 2011
Home Accents - February 2011
Home Decor - February 2011
Indie Art - September 2010
Inspired Heart - August 2011
Jasmine - November 2011
Jolly Holidays - August 2011
Joys of the Season - March 2011
Learning Curve - March 2011
Locker Talk - December 2010
Lovely Floral - October 2011
Makin' the Grade - June 2010
Mickey Font Set - June 2011
Mini Monograms - June 2010
My Community - November 2011
My World - August 2011
New Arrival - December 2010
Old West - November 2011
Opposites Attract - June 2011
Ornamental Iron - April 2011
Pagoda - December 2011
Paisley - December 2011
Paper Pups - April 2010
Pink Journey - December 2011
Playtime - August 2011
Pooh Font Set - June 2011
Printing 101 - April 2011
Printing Press - April 2010
Sans Serif Solutions - February 2010
Savory - October 2011
Sentimentals - December 2011
Serenade - January 2011
Sesame St Font - November 2011
Sesame St Friend - August 2011
Simply Sweet - November 2011
Slumber Party - October 2011
Soccer - August 2010
Speaking of Fall - June 2011
Speaking of School - January 2011
Speaking of Winter - January 2011
Splish Splash - October 2011
Stamped - March 2010
Stamping - March 2011
Stone Script - September 2010
Street Sign font - February 2010
Superman - December 2011
Tags, Bags, Boxes and more - March 2010
Tear Drop - October 2010
Tie the Knot - November 2011
Tinkerbell & Friends - June 2011
Walk in my Garden - December 2011
Wedding - February 2011
Word Builders 1 - A Word Party - March 2011
Word Builders 2 - A Garden of Words - January 2011
Word Builders 3 - An Ocean of Words - January 2011
Zooballoo - August 2010