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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Oops! And a very late apology

So it appears that there's more than one GirlfromOz out there..... (Go figure - I thought how original I was being by using a spin off of the Hugh Jackman musical the Boy From Oz!)

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from another girlfromoz who asked me to stop using her email address....

I thought "Say what??? "

I didn't give it much more thought till I received an email from a friend who sent it to my hotmail a/c and to my home email address. That's when the penny dropped. I noticed that the hotmail address was wrong. Instead of girlfromoz2009 at hotmail dot com it was addressed to girlfromoz at! (I did try to get that address originally but it was taken... obviously.... which is why I added the 2009)

To cut an already far too long story short..... I emailed her to let her know what must have happened. She replied and very nicely forwarded me a stack of emails that had gone to her by mistake.

So....... if you sent me an email any time from 24th March 2009 and you didn't get a reply....... SORRY!!!!! It went to the wrong address!!!! Blushing

I have found a few blog posts where I had typed the wrong address and have fixed those, and I'll keep looking to make sure there's no more!

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