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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Transferring cut files to and from your Gypsy

Please note: The latest versions of Cricut Sync have mostly stopped the ability to transfer files to and from the Gypsy. PC are apparently working on a fix for this but haven't giving any indication of when that will be available.

If you have an old version of Cricut Sync (or even Gypsy Sync) you can use that to transfer your files.

There’s more than one way to transfer cut files to and from your Gypsy. This is the way I find the easiest and quickest:

Transferring DS files to the Gypsy

1. Use Save As to save your DS file as a Gypsy file by clicking on the "Save As type" drop down box and selecting Gypsy files. Make sure you give it a new name. (Delete everything in the file name box after the c:/ and type in a new name)

2. Close the DS file. (You can leave DS open, just make sure your file is closed.)

3. Connect your Gypsy to your computer using the USB cord and power the Gypsy on.

4. Start the Cricut Sync program from your computer. (You may have to exit out of your Virus/firewall software if Gypsy screen doesn't move from showing CONNECTING)

If your Gypsy is up to date you will get this message:

5. Click the OK button and you’ll see the list of files on your Gypsy

(If you aren’t running the most recent Gypsy update you will need to run that first. Then come back here and start again at step 4. Here’s info on that:  UPDATING GYPSY TUTORIAL )

6. When your Gypsy screen shows CONNECTED… open up Windows Explorer on your computer.

7. Adjust the size of the Windows Explorer window so it only covers half of your screen.

Your computer screen should look something like this:

Click photo to enlarge

8. Navigate to the directory that contains the file you created with Design Studio. (Usually c:/mydocuments/cricut/projects)

9. Using your left mouse button click (and hold) on the file you want to copy to your Gypsy and drag it over to the Gypsy screen.

Click photo to enlarge

10. Release the mouse button and the file will appear in the list of Gypsy files. (You can use the Ctrl key to select and copy multiple files)

11. When you have finished copying your files, click on the X in the top right corner of the Cricut Sync program to exit.

You’ll be taken back to the Gypsy Welcome screen.

12. Disconnect your Gypsy from your computer.

You’re now ready to use the file on your Gypsy.

Transferring Gypsy files to Design Studio

1. To transfer your Gypsy files to Design Studio we do the same basic process as above. At step 9 above click on the file from the Gypsy screen and drag it over and drop it into the Projects folder in Windows Explorer.

2. Once you have copied it to the projects folder, open Design Studio. (You can exit out of Cricut Sync now and disconnect from your computer)

3. In DS Select File, Open

4. Change the drop down File Name box to Gypsy Files

5. Select the Gypsy file you want to open and press Open

6. To cut the file with DS you will need to select File, Save As, give it a new name and select Cricut Files from the Save as Type drop down menu.

7. Give it a new name and press Save.

Don't forget: Files that are created on the Gypsy that have hidden contours will have those contours visible in DS. You will have to select each one and hide them again. (This is a known problem with the Hide Contour feature in DS). If you want to keep contours hidden always save your file as a Gypsy file.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Cartridges - which update?

If you're trying to download a cart to DS and can't find it, it may be because you're downloading the wrong update. Here's a list of all the carts and which update you'll find them in.

Note - any cart that says "Not in DS" is an Imagine cart (except for Smiley Cards) and can only be used on the Cricut Imagine. Therefore you won't find it in DS.

Get both updates here: DS Update
My tutorial on downloading and installing the updates is here: Downloading & Installing cart updates

Cartridge Name Which update?
3 Birds on Parade Content Update
50 States Program
9 Months Content Update
A Child’s Year Program
Accent Essentials Program
All Mixed Up Program
All Sports Content Update
All Wrapped Up (Imagine) Not on DS
Alphalicious Program
Ancestry (Imagine) Not on DS
Animal Kingdom Program
April Showers Content Update
Art Nouveau Content Update
Art Philosophy Content Update
Ashlyn’s Alphabet Program
Audrey (Imagine) Not on DS
Autumn Celebrations Content Update
Baby Steps Content Update
Base Camp Program
Baseball Program
Basketball Program
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Content Update
Beep Beep Content Update
Berries & Cream (Imagine) Not on DS
Best Images of 2006 Content Update
Best Images of 2007 Content Update
Best Images of 2008 Content Update
Best Images of 2009 Content Update
Best Images of 2010 Content Update
Best of Pixar Content Update
Best of Times Content Update
Better Together (Imagine) Not on DS
Beyond Birthdays Program
Billionaire Content Update
Birthday Bash Content Update
Birthday Cakes Content Update
B is for Boy Content Update
Blackletter Program
Blast Off (Imagine) Not on DS
Block Party Content Update
Bloom Content Update
Blossoms (Imagine) Not on DS
Botanicals Content Update
Boys Will Be Boys Content Update
Bubblegum Stripes (Imagine) Not on DS
Bucaneer (Imagine) Not on DS
Bump in the Night Content Update
Cake Basics Content Update
Calligraphy Collection Program
Campin Critters Content Update
Camp Out Program
Car Decals Content Update
Carousel Content Update
Cars Program
Celebrate with Flourish Content Update
Celebrations Program
Cheerful Seasons Content Update
Cherry Limeade Content Update
Chic & Scary Content Update
Chore Chart Content Update
Christmas Program
Christmas Cards Content Update
Christmas Cheer Program
Christmas Village Content Update
Christmas Wish (Imagine) Not on DS
Cindy Loo Program
Classic Font Content Update
Country Carnival (Imagine) Not on DS
Country Life Content Update
County Fair Content Update
Create a Critter Content Update
Cricut Decals Content Update
Cricut Essentials Content Update
Cricut Everyday Content Update
Crocs Rule Content Update
Cupcake Content Update
Cupcake Wrappers Content Update
Cursive 120 Program
Cuttin’ Up Program
Daisy Chain Program
Damask Decor Content Update
Designer’s Calendar Program
Destinations Program
Dinosaur Tracks Program
Disney Classics Content Update
Don Juan Program
Doodlecharms Program
Doodletype Program
Dreams Come True Program
Dude! Content Update
Easter 2010 Content Update
Elegant Cakes Content Update
Elegant Edges Content Update
Elise (Imagine) Not on DS
Elmo’s Party Program
Enjoy the Seasons (Imagine) Not on DS
Everyday Paper Dolls Program
Everyday Pop-Up Cards Content Update
Fathers Day Content Update
Fabulous Finds Program
Fancy Frames Content Update
Fast Food Content Update
Feeling Groovy Content Update
Floral Emporium (Imagine) Not on DS
Florals Embellished Content Update
Flower Shoppe Content Update
Forever Young Content Update
Formal Occasion Content Update
Four Legged Friends Content Update
French Manor Content Update
Freshly Picked Content Update
From My Kitchen Program
George & Basic Shapes Program
Gingerbread Program
Girl's Makeup Party Content Update
Give a Hoot Content Update
Go Canada Content Update
Going Places Program
Graphically Speaking Program
Groovy Times Content Update
Gypsy Font - Preloaded on Gypsy.
Can't cut with DS
Gypsy Wanderings - Preloaded on Gypsy.
Can't cut with DS
H2O Content Update
Handy Man Content Update
Hannah Montana Program
Happily Ever After Program
Happy Graduation Content Update
Happy Hauntings Content Update
Heirloom (Imagine) Not on DS
Hello Kitty Font Program
Hello Kitty Greetings Program
Heritage Content Update
Hey Diddle Diddle (Imagine) Not on DS
Holiday Cakes Content Update
Home Accents Program
Home Decor Program
Hoot ‘n’ Holler Content Update
Hopscotch (Imagine) Not on DS
Independence Day Content Update
Indie Art Program
Industrial Glow (Imagine) Not on DS
Inspired Heart Content Update
Jasmine Program
Jolly Holidays Content Update
Joys of the Season Program
JT (Imagine) Not on DS
Jubilee Program
Just Because Cards Content Update
Just a Note Content Update
Kate's ABC's Content Update
Keystone Program
Lacy Labels Content Update
Learning Curve Program
Life is a Beach Program
Life's a Party (3 Birds) Content Update
Live Simply Content Update
Locker Talk Program
Lori’s Garden (Imagine) Not on DS
Lovely Floral Content Update
Love Struck Content Update
Love you a Latte Content Update
Luau Content Update
Lyrical Letters Program
Makin’ the Grade Program
Meow Content Update
Mickey & Friends Program
Mickey Font Program
Mini Monograms Program
Mini Monsters Content Update
More (Imagine) Not on DS
More Cards (Imagine) Not on DS
Mother’s Day 2010 Content Update
Mother's Day Bouquet 2011 Content Update
Mr Frosty (Imagine) Not on DS
MS All Occasions Cake Art Content Update
MS Birthday Cake Art Content Update
MS Elegant Cake Art Content Update
MS Seasonal Cake Art Content Update
My Community Program
Mystic Gardens (Imagine) Not on DS
My World Program
Nate's ABC's Content Update
New Arrival Program
New Testament Content Update
Nifty Fifties Content Update
Noah's ABC Animals Content Update
Nursery Rhymes Content Update
Nursery Tails (Imagine) Not on DS
October 31st Content Update
Office Help Program
Old West Program
Once Upon a Princess Content Update
Opposites Attract Program
Ornamental Iron Content Update
Ornamental Iron 2 Content Update
Pack your Bags Content Update
Pagoda Content Update
Paisley Content Update
Paper Doll Dress Up Program
Paper Lace Content Update
Paper Lace 2 Content Update
Paper Trimmings Content Update
Paper Pups Program
Pet Shop Content Update
Phrases Content Update
Picturesque Program
Pink Journey Program
Plantin SchoolBook Program
Playtime Content Update
Pooh and Friends Program
Pooh Font Set Program
Pop-Up Neighborhood Font Pack
Potpourri Basket Program
Preserves Content Update
Princess Party Content Update
Printing 120 Program
Printing Press Program
Pumpkin Carvings Content Update
Quarter Note Content Update
Reminisce Accents Content Update
Recess Content Update
Ribbons & Rosettes Content Update
Robot Party Content Update
Robotz Content Update
Rock Princess Content Update
Sampler Program
Sans Serif Program
Santas Village (Imagine) Not on DS
Savory Content Update
Scandinavian Christmas Cards Content Update
Sentimentals Content Update
Serenade Content Update
Sesame St Font Program
Sesame St Friends Program
Sesame St Seasons Content Update
Shall we Dance? Content Update
Simply Charmed Content Update
Simply Scarecrows Content Update
Simply Sweet Program
Slumber Party Content Update
Smiley Cards -Available through Gypsy
download only.
Not on DS
Snapshot Everyday Colors & Patterns
Not on DS
Snapshot Nature Colors & Patterns
Not on DS
Snapshot Texture (Imagine) Not on DS
Snow Angel (Imagine) Not on DS
Snow Friends Program
Soccer Program
Something to Celebrate Content Update
Songbird Content Update
Sophie Content Update
Sophisticated Content Update
Space Party Content Update
Speaking of Fall Program
Speaking of School Program
Speaking of Winter Program
SpongeBob Squarepants Program
Spring Holiday Cards Content Update
Splish Splash Content Update
Sports Mania Program
Stamped Program
Stamping Program
Stand and Salute Program
Stencil Content Update
Stone Script Program
StoreFront Program
Storks Delivery Content Update
Storybook Program
Straight from the Nest Content Update
Street Sign Program
Street Sign Program
Stretch your Imagination Program
Sugar and Spice Content Update
Summer Celebrations Content Update
Summer in Paris Content Update
Summer Vacation Content Update
Superman Content Update
Sweater Weather Content Update
Sweet Tooth Boxes Content Update
Sweethearts Program
Sweet Shop Content Update
Sweet Treats Content Update
Tags, Bags, Boxes & more Program
Tear Drop Program
Thanksgiving Content Update
Tie the Knot Content Update
Tinker Bell & Friends Program
'Tis the Season Content Update
Traveler Content Update
Trim the Tree Content Update
Toy Story Content Update
Twinkle Toes Content Update
Varsity Letter Content Update
Very Merry Tags Program
Vintage (Imagine) Not on DS
Walk in My Garden Program
Wall Decor and More Content Update
Wedding Program
When It’s Cold Outside Program
Wild Card Program
Wildlife Content Update
Winter Frolic Content Update
Winter Lace Program
Winter Woodland Program
Word Builders: A Garden of Words Program
Word Builders: A Word Party Program
Word Builders: An Ocean of Words Program
Word Collage Content Update
Wrap It Up Content Update
Yee Haw Font Pack
Yummy (Imagine) Not on DS
ZooBalloo Program
Zoo Day Content Update

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Resizing pictures to upload to the message board

For a picture to actually show up in the message, it must be less than 1MB in size. There are several ways to resize your pictures. Here's a couple:

1. Using Microsoft Paint. (You'll find it in Accessories on your computer) 
  • Open your picture in Microsoft Paint
For Windows 7: 
  • Click on Resize from the toolbar

Make sure Percentage is selected then change the figure in the Horizontal box. The size you choose will depend on how big the original photo is. As a start try 50%.

Make sure "Maintain aspect ratio" is checked. The amount in the Vertical box will also change to 50%

  • Click the OK button.
  • Click the first toolbar tab (next to the Home tab) and select Save As. (You don't want to overwrite the original photo.)
  • Click on JPEG picture from the list of file types.
  • Give your photo a new name and press the Save button
  • Close the file by exiting out of Paint

For older versions of Microsoft Paint:

  • Open your picture in Microsoft Paint
  • From the Image menu select Resize/Skew
  • Insert a new amount in the Horizontal box - 50%
  • Insert the same amount in the Vertical Box - 50%
  • Select OK

After you have resized your photo, upload it to your thread on the message board.

If it only shows as a link, you will have to repeat the above process with the original file, this time using a smaller percentage.

2. Using a photo resizing service from the web. 

I'll be using
(Search "resize pictures" for many other options.)

Go to

You'll see this box:

  • Click the Browse button, select your file and press Open
  • Select Custom and type 1000 in the box
  • Press the Resize button

Your picture will be uploaded and resized.

  • Just above your picture you'll see:
  • Click that, select a destination for your new picture and press OK/Save

After you have resized your photo, upload it to your thread on the message board.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Updating your email address at

The ability to change your email address is currently not available. I will update when the problem has been fixed. If you have changed your email address you'll probably want to change it at Even though we have moved to the new messageboard at, all changes to your account still need to be completed at

Here's how:

Go to

If you aren't logged in click on Sign In.

(You'll see Welcome back {your username} at the top right corner if you are logged in)

At the next page type your existing email address and password the press the Sign In button

Once you are logged in click on "my account" from the menu.

At the next screen click on the edit button next to email address in the account details section

Delete the existing email address and type in your new one. (You can also change your password here if you wish).

Press the SAVE button.

You'll be taken back to the My Account page.

And you're all done!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Updating your Gypsy

My first Gypsy post! Now that I have my very own mini DS I thought it was time!

Today I updated my Gypsy to add the carts that were released in Hello Thursday and it worked!!!

Here's the step by step instructions:

Plug your Gypsy into a power outlet. (Downloading the updates takes a while and you don't want your battery to die half way through!)

Connect your Gypsy to your computer using the USB cord

Disable or turn off your virus software and firewall. (I use Trend Micro and I have to exit out of it completely as just disabling it doesn't work - it still blocks access to the Gypsy)

Power on your Gypsy. Wait for it to finish loading. Once the Welcome screen appears...

Open Cricut Sync from your computer. (If you haven't downloaded Cricut Sync yet you can get it here:

You'll see this on your Gypsy:

You'll see this dialog box on your computer:

Press the Update Now button

You'll see this box:

Depending on the size of the update (and the speed of your computer/ADSL, AND how many others are downloading at the same time...) this could take a while...

For me this part of the update took approx 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Once it's finished downloading you'll see this box:

After about 5 minutes you'll see this box:

After another 5 minutes you'll see this box:

Then this box:

Finally, this box:

Exit out of Cricut Sync by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

If the Gypsy continues to stay connected:

Open up Gypsy Sync again. You should see this message:

Press the OK button

Exit out of Gypsy sync again and you should go back to the main Gypsy screen.

The total time for me was approx 1 hour 25 minutes and went without a hitch!

New Circle cart

PC have released the images for the next Circle cart. If you love it you can join the Circle to get it!

Cricut Everyday

NINE new carts for Hello Thursday

PC have outdone themselves this month. Nine great new carts, three of them Seasonal.

The Design Studio update is here:

The carts aren't listed there yet, but they are in the update. Car decals is there too now!

Font pack version is V101207.

There are two carts retiring this month - Locker Talk and New Arrival.

 April Showers - Seasonal

Spring Holiday Cards - Seasonal

Mother's Day Bouquet - Seasonal

And here's the long awaited Pixar Cart
Best of Pixar

Been hankering for more Disney characters? Then you'll love this one!
Disney Classics

Got kids? Like doing ABC albums?
Nate's ABC's

And now my favourite two carts.

Groovy Times

Pack your Bags

Life is a Party


You have outdone yourself PC! What a way to see the year out!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Hello Thursday - November 2010

There are eight new cartridges in todays Hello Thursday. The announcement states that they will be available in November.

Seven of them are Lite carts and one comes bundled with the Cricut Personal. I'm guessing that it replaces George & Basic Shapes rather than in addition to it.

Interestingly the Hello Thursday email doesn't say that the Lite carts are exclusive to Walmart.... I wonder.....

Download the DS Font Pack from

There's still no sign of the DS update for Car Decals.... 

Two more carts are being retired. They are Fabulous Finds and Basecamp.

Anyway, here are the official sample sheets of the new carts from Click on the picture to see a larger size.

Cricut Classic Font


Four Legged Friends

Inspired Heart

Jolly Holidays


 Twinkle Toes

Zoo Day

Friday, 29 October 2010

An EXTRA Hello Thursday surprise

PC have just announced three new Seasonal Cartridges.

The DS & Gypsy updates will be available next week.


Trim the Tree
Winter Lace

Friday, 22 October 2010

New Cartridges for October Hello Thursday

There's SEVEN new cartridges for this months Hello Thursday. All will be available in November.

Car Decals - Includes a font. Exclusive to This Cart hasn't been added to Design Studio yet. (As at 10/22/10)

Not only does it have all those cute stick figures you see on the back of cars these days it also has these guys:

And something else that many people have been asking for:

Ornamental Iron - Includes a font. Exclusive to

Paper Lace - Includes a font

Quarter Note - Includes a font. Exclusive to Michaels.

Sesame Street Seasons

Wrap It Up

Smiley Cards - No images available yet. This cart is available only via Gypsy download. Your gypsy must be registered by 31 October 2010 to qualify.

Get the DS font pack update from here: DS Update

Carts retiring this month are Beyond Birthdays and Teardrop.