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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Get the Adobe PDF reader here

If you're having trouble opening the Cricut fonts file make sure you have a PDF reader installed.

Here's the link to the Adobe Reader:

If you don't want McAfee Security Scan Plus software to download, make sure you deselect that option before you click the Download Now button.


Cornville Country Crafts said...

Thank you again for answering my questions on the DS message board. I have wasted so much time trying to highlight images!!! Also thanks for telling me what the red means. You are awesome!!
Now if I could just be able to transfer from DS to my Gypsy. For some reason none of the images I save as a gypsy file will store under projects, when they do there is an exception andI can't open them. It keeps saying that this is not a gypsy file I guess because I saved it from DS. PS I am using Vista

Narelle said...

Check your email! I answered there. :)

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