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Saturday, 4 February 2012

DS cartridge content update

The January 2012 carts have been added to the DS Cartridge Content Update. You can download it from here:

Carts added were:
Baby Shower
Bridal Shower
Elmo & Friends Holiday
Fun in the Sun
Giant Flowers
Letter Envy
My Quiet Book
Type Candy

For some reason the two December carts (CM This & That and Victorian Romance) haven't been added. I have advised PC.


Unknown said...

I am bit confused...what are cartridge content list used for....what are they? I am new to your blog

Narelle said...

Hi Maria - the Cartridge content update contains all the new carts. On the third Thursday of each month PC release new carts. For these carts to work with Design Studio they release an update which you download and install. Those new carts will then appear in the DS cartridge library so you can design with them. (You'll still need the actual cart to cut your design.)

Ladybug said...

Hiya Narelle. Do you know if the Imagine Greeting Cards Inside & Out have been added?


Narelle said...

DS doesn't have any of the Imagine carts Linda. (I guess because we can't use DS with the Imagine.)

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