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Monday, 20 February 2012

Hello Thursday - February 2012

Yes, I'm a bit late again.... :)

And you've most likely already seen the new carts for February. But just in case you've been on a desert island for the last 4 days here's the cartridge release for February.

3 new carts - Garden Soup, Tags Bags Boxes and More 2 and Creative Memories Divine Wedding.

All 3 have already been added to the Design Studio Cartridge Update along with the 2 missing carts from December - Victorian Romance and CM This & That.

All images are from the Official Cricut Blog. Make sure you go check it out! The Shirt box on TBBM2 is so cute! And I'm told (thanks Scrapalette) that the Cracker actually pops!


Laura said...

hi there! Came across your blog post when I was searching for info about the cricut and I cant seem to get a question answered about it and thought perhaps you could help me :) I am interested in purchasing a Cricut Expression and wondered (since I am a graphic designer) if it is possible for me to create my own designs and somehow load them via computer or design program into the machine to make the cuts? Say I have drawn a dolphin and I want a whole page of my originally designed dolphins to be that possible with the circut or are there any other machines you know of that this would be possible? Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give!


Narelle said...

Hi Laura. At this stage the Cricut is a cartridge based machine therefore you can only cut images that are found on the Cricut Cartridges.

If you find say for example an image of a dolphin on one of the carts then you're in business.

You can't import other image files (eg. jpg's, svg's) into any of the three design programs - Cricut Craft Room, Cricut Design Studio or the Gypsy.)

There are of course die cutting machines that can use software to cut your own image files but I don't have any of them so I don't have any recommendations for you.

Narelle :)

Laura said...

thanks so much!

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