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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Note to self...

Several notes actually...

1: Drinking two cans of V Energy drink and 5 cups of coffee will result in insomnia.

2: Insomnia means that you'll still be awake at 2:00am. Then you'll decide that it's a great time to do some work on your blog...using your iPad because you're away from home visiting your Mother for the weekend.

3: Working on your blog at 2:00am means you'll stuff something up badly and not have your backups available to fix it.

4: Next time read a book!!!

So, this is how the blog has to look until tomorrow! :(


sugarsherri said...

At least you were thinking of us!

You are fine, thank you for all your work.

Katy, TX

Dianne said...

Enjoy your blog anyway it is presented.

Dianne Bell -

R. Dorrian6 said...

Been there, done that. Even had to start all over with a basic template. ;) Learned my lesson now I keep it simple.

Ladybug said...

(read a book!)--- Narelle, you're toooo funny! LOL

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