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Friday, 17 December 2010

NINE new carts for Hello Thursday

PC have outdone themselves this month. Nine great new carts, three of them Seasonal.

The Design Studio update is here:

The carts aren't listed there yet, but they are in the update. Car decals is there too now!

Font pack version is V101207.

There are two carts retiring this month - Locker Talk and New Arrival.

 April Showers - Seasonal

Spring Holiday Cards - Seasonal

Mother's Day Bouquet - Seasonal

And here's the long awaited Pixar Cart
Best of Pixar

Been hankering for more Disney characters? Then you'll love this one!
Disney Classics

Got kids? Like doing ABC albums?
Nate's ABC's

And now my favourite two carts.

Groovy Times

Pack your Bags

Life is a Party


You have outdone yourself PC! What a way to see the year out!

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