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Monday, 8 November 2010

What is Real Dial Size?

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10 comments: said...

I knew this, but it is really nice to see you share all this work! THANKS!!

TR said...

Thank you!
This always confused me a bit.
I kind of understood it but seeing
the examples REALLY helped. :)


Cheryl said...

Thank you! This was always one of those confusing things for me. Now it makes perfect sense.

Melody said...

Thanks for the info. I am now waiting for my gypsy to arrive, I can't wait I am so excited. Luckily I stumbled onto your blog and I am lovin it.

Melody said...

I got a great deal on the gypsy. I need to register it before the end of the year to get my cartridges. Looking forward to using your blog site to inform me. Thank you for your awesome site.

Anonymous said...

hi .. i am a new user ... could you please tell me where is this real dial size on the cricut expression 2 ?
thanks a lot,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I didn't know that, it really help a newbie out

Narelle said...

Here's how you find Real Size on the E2:

At the Home screen press the spanner button.
Then press the right arrow two times.
You'll see four icons. Click the first icon on the second row. (It looks a bit like a world globe). At the next screen on the left you'll see three settings. The first is Relative size, the second is Real size and the third is Paper Saver. The active button will be green. Once you've made your selection press the Save button.

Cyndi said...

I knew this about the real dial size, but it is always nice to see the actual workings of it. Now that this has been shown, it raises another question with me; what would you use this feature for if your letters aren't proportioned and your layering projects don't work with it either? I have had my expression for two yrs. and have never used this button!

Narelle said...

I must admit, I don't use it much either! :)

If you were doing a title for a s/b page and you wanted the lower case letters to all be the same size (and you didn't need a shadow) you'd use Real Size.

Or if say you wanted a pair of shoes like the ones in the paper doll pic above, and you wanted them a certain size then again you'd use Real size.

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