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Monday, 10 May 2010

Uploading a picture as an avatar

Do you have a picture on your computer that you want to use as your avatar on the message board?

Here's how you do it using Photobucket. (

(Thank you to Scrapalette for the easy directions)

1.    Open your photobucket account
2.    Click on the My Home link at the top of the screen

3.    Select the album to where you want to upload the photo

4.    Click the "more options" link
5.    Select Medium (320 x 240) * (see note below)

* Note: If the picture you are uploading is a very high resolution image, MEDIUM may still be too big. You may need to use either SMALL or TINY. (I had to use Tiny....) Come back to here if you get an error saying the file is too big at point no. 22.

6.    Click Save

7.    Click the green Upload Images and Videos button

8.    Navigate to the directory that contains the photo you want to upload

9.    Select the photo and press Open

10.  When the photo has finished uploading press the blue Save button

Underneath your photo you will see this box:

11.  Click inside the box next to Direct Link. The text should be hi-lighted.

12.  Use Ctrl C to copy the text to the clipboard (or right click and select Copy)

13.  Go to the message board

14.  From the menu select My Profile

15.  Scroll down till you see this:

16.  Make sure "Upload my picture" is selected

17.  Click on Upload my picture (will replace the existing one)

18.  Click inside the file name box (or click the Browse button)

19.  Click inside the File Name box at the bottom of the screen

20.  Use Ctrl V (or right click, select Paste) to paste the image details.

21.  Press the Open button

22. Press OK. (If you get a "File too large" error, go back to point # 5 above.)

23.  Press OK.

Now you should see this:

Note: If you want to use the same photo as your Profile photo just click the 'Use your avatar as profile photo"

24.  Go to the bottom of the screen and press the Apply button.

Now go check one of your posts and you should see your new avatar!!

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