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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Create A Critter shaped cards

Creating a shaped card is easy. Here's one using the Create-A-Critter cartridge. I can't wait till mine arrives so I can actually cut it out!

Copy = Ctrl C or Edit, Copy or the DS copy button
Paste = Ctrl V or Edit, Paste or the DS paste button

Decide what size you want your card to be and set that size on the Default Size slider under the DS keypad.

Place your image on the mat

With the image still selected copy it to the clipboard

Paste the copied image onto the mat. It will cover the original image.


Using the right arrow on your keypad (or the horizontal move handle - middle left) move the pasted image over to the right.

Select the image on the left, then select Flip from the Properties box


Move the left image over to the right so that the two images are just overlapping. Make sure you overlap them enough that the join won't be too flimsy when the card is folded.

Select each object in turn and click Welding in the Properties box.

Here's what the welded card look like when previewed from a new page.

Note that the feature lines in the tail are missing. That happens when objects are welded together.

Now that you have the base of your card, you can create the layers.

Create-A-Critter has 3 layers. Here's what my mat looks like with all the layers added ready to cut. The layers are in colour because they haven't had Welding selected, which means that the feature lines will cut.

Now all I need is for the cartridge to arrive! :)

Have a great day!



Robyn said...

Oh wow! I just love this cartridge!

Lizzy said...

I'm so grateful for you , I have had DS for a year and never used it until I cam across this site...thanks so much!

The Allison's corner of the world. said...

Thank you for your blog! It's so helpful!

kanishk said...

i, just love this cartridge!
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YCervantes58 said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I bought the DS about three years ago and just now installed it. I have been searching for HELP for the past month. Only to be disappointed, or have to pay more money to learn from someone's disc creation. Thank God for someone like you to help others!

Janis said...

Thank you so much! I was so excited to get DS LAST YEAR and then so intimidated with thoughts of "now what?" "How do I....?" I'm so glad I found your blog today. I love the screen shots and step by step instructions you have on this post. I can't wait to read other posts you have. What I really want to learn how to do is make shaped cards with Lacy Labels. Big hugs to you!!!!! :) Janis

Jenne said...

Im losing the will to live here! I just commented on a different tutorial that finally I can use my DS after your wonderful tutorial. Now though as soon as I try to click on the image to flip it or move it it wont let me. It wont select the image I want. Do you know why?

Narelle said...

Hi jenne,

In DS you need to click on one of the actual lines of the object to select it. If that's not working the handles may have turned themselves off. Press the ALT key on your keypad to turn them back on. Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I have DS and I wanted to work on a project using my create a critter cartridge, but it isn't showing up in my DS. Do you have any suggestions how how I can get it to show up in my library?

Narelle said...

Create a critter is in the Program update. That's the first download option at the DS update page. Here's some more info:

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