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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Where is page 26 of the online user manual?

Good question! And one that nobody from Cricut seems to have answered....

So here's a run down on that elusive page. Like most of the manual there isn't that much information. I don't want to reproduce the page in case I infringe copyright, but it covers the following topics:

Sizing and Positioning - Basically, use the selection handles to change the size and position of your objects. For greater control over those adjustments, use the Properties box.

Intricate Designs - Remember that some very intricate designs will be difficult for the Cricut to cut.

Saving and Loading - The default folder for saving your project files will be MyDocuments/Cricut/Projects. This will of course be different if you changed those options during installation. Project files are saved as a .cut file.
Don't forget - this is a computer we are using. Make sure you SAVE your work regularly to avoid losing hours of work.

Welding - You can not only weld words/letters together, you can weld images together and weld images to words. The possibilities are endless. You can combine objects/text from different cartridges all in the one design. Just remember that you need to actually own the cartridges to cut out your design. More info on WELDING to come in a later post.

Complicated projects with a lot of welding will take more time for the computer to process when you click the Preview button. Be patient!

Maximizing Paper Usage - With this software you will be able to position your objects more precisely on the mat to reduce paper wastage. Use kerning, sizing, rotation to fill gaps.

Community Feedback - Take a visit to the Cricut Community webpage at for more information. (Gee, I think I've visited there once or twice).

Technical Support - Apparently if you are having problems with DS you can contact Technical Support! Go to, email or call Customer Support at 801-932-1144 (United States only I'm assuming).

And that about covers it!

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