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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Installation issues

For information about installing your new software, including system requirements and updating the firmware please visit here:
This information has been kindly provided by Nathan from Cricut.

It looks like with the changes to the site that the above link no longer works... :(


ERontheRun said...

I have just purchased and tried to load design studio. When I click on the desktop icon, the program opens. The cricut logo in the upper left corner is not centered and when I try to click on the activate by internet or the activate by phone buttons, I get a message saying that the program n eeds to close and do I want to send an error message to microsoft. None of the other buttons work. I have tried rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling. Not sure what else to try. Appreciate any help

Pixie said...

Hi, I just purchased design studio from an online store in America. On my computer here in Australia it's not even recognising there is a disk in the drive.Do you know if there is a region restriction on the software? Or am I going to have to purchase this again in Australia? Which makes for a very expensive mouse pad and coaster.

Narelle said...

Hi Pixie

There have been many people from Australia that have purchased their CD from the US without any installation issues. Maybe the CD is faulty or scratched.

All is not lost though. Just download the software from the Cricut website (or click the link from the latest post to this Blog - Design Studio update). It will install DS in trial mode. All you need to do then is use the serial number that is on the envelope the CD came in.

The version on the CD is outdated anyway and you would have to download the latest version if you wanted to see all the new cartridges, so you're saving yourself a step this way.

Hope that helps & good luck!


Pixie said...

Thankyou for getting back to me so quickly Narelle. I'll give that a go & let you know how it all turns out :)

Pixie said...

Woohoo!! Well it's installed and I've had a look see. Now all I have to do is connect the cricut...tomorrow I think :) Thankyou soooooooo much. After looking at the cricut website message boards I was starting to panic a little. Oh and working out how to change the DPI to 96 so I could see the screen properly was a big help too *blush*
Thanks again. You're fabulous :)

MMaher said...

Thanks so much for all of yur great tips! I just got a laptop last night so I can use DS in my room, however it's saying it's installed on another computer. How do Iget it on my laptop?


Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem as MMaher.I'm trying to reinstall on my laptop. I uninstalled DS on my main cumputer because it kept saying DS was installed on another computer.It seems we can only have it on one. So now it doesn't seem to know that it has been uninstalled because I'm still getting the same error mess. Tried calling install over phone line but I was never answered just on hold forever. Any ideas? I really want to be able to get started with this.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Narelle said...

The full version of DS can only be installed on one computer at a time. (You can have the trial version on multiple computers though). You will need to ring Provocrafts Customer service number and they will give you a new activation number for your other computer. (They will require you to uninstall the full version from the other computer).

There HAVE been some users successfully installing the full version on two computers using the same activation code. You could try downloading the latest version from the Cricut site, then using the serial number from your original CD. However, most of us have not had success doing this and have had to do as explained above to get a new activation number.

Debbie said...

I bought Cricut Design Studio from an estate sale that the owner had passed away. I installed it & it won't let me activate it because it says it is registered to another computer. Is there a way I can register it to my computer?
Thanks for your help. Debbie

Narelle said...

Debbie, do you have the cd envelope with the serial number on it?

Do you have the original owners name and address?

If you have all that you can give PC a call and see if they will deactivate it from the original owners computer and transfer it to yours.

If that's not successful I remember seeing a post on the messageboard recently where someone purchased DS from either walmart or Michaels for $5!

Also, make sure you download and install the latest version of DS (including the Font Pack) from

Oriental Dragon said...

Try downloading the trial version and inputting the serial number off of your envelope. I tried that and it worked for me on my house cpu, as I had it installed originally on a laptop which no longer worked. Should work, but if you decide you want it on another computer, there is a long wait time before it will work again?

lydia said...

I bought DS 1 year ago but have not installed due to fear of not knowing how to do it then I got busy, now it is getting old and want to try.Is there a tutorial that will show step by step for a computer illiterate like me?

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