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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Selecting/deselecting objects

Sometimes it seems that no matter how many times you click an object, you just can’t seem to get those elusive "selection handles" to show. 

Here's a picture of an image on the mat. Note how it has a box around it and a plus sign in the middle (I’ve coloured them blue to make them easier to see). Clicking on these won't work. Nor will clicking on the crosshair in the middle of the object.

To select your image you must click on one of the image's lines. See where the black arrows are pointing:

Any line of your image will do. And you should only need to click once.

Still can't get it to work even though you are definitely clicking on a line of the object? Maybe the selection handles are just hidden. Press the ALT key to make them reappear.


This is as easy as clicking somewhere else on the mat. If you single click, your cursor will stay where it currently is. If you double click (at the right below) your cursor should move to that spot on the mat.

Moving the cursor:

One of the frustrations that some users are having is getting the cursor to move to where they are clicking. I have done exhaustive testing (ok, I'm kidding - I tried a couple of times) and have found that the speed I double click has a lot to do with the problem. I have slowed down my double click and have much more success at getting the cursor to behave.

You can also use the up/down/left/right arrows on your keyboard to move the cursor.


Donna said...

Thank you I have been making myself crazy clicking all over to try and get the marks back. This will be a big help. I love your web site and am going thru all your tips. I am sure I will find many more that help. Just got my DS a couple of weeks ago so am still learning all the stuff it can do. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem. Thank you for clarifying the situation. Love all your tips!

Schaff Blog said...

Pressing enter will also deselect

Narelle said...


Dena said...

I have been clicking like mad on the lines of the newest version of DS. Could you recommend any suggestions? I have made my mouse and touchpad setting more sensitive and did purchase a very good optical mouse. I really do appreciate your help. Thanks a bunch!!

Narelle said...

The selection handles may be missing. Press the ALT key to make them reappear.

Janis said...

Thank you ever so much! Like Donna said, I've been clicking like crazy. So grateful that you are so kind to share your knowledge & expertise. I'll be making my way through all your tips. TFS!!!

Tammie said...

Thank you so much for the tips!!!! I googled this site and plan to bookmark it. You are great!

Jesse said...

Thanks so much! I haven't used my Cricut Design Studio for months because I thought it was broken...Lol.

Debbie said...

Does anyone know if you can multiple select objects?

Narelle said...

There's no select all or multiple select feature in DS yet unfortunately.

Nancy said...

I have 64bit Vista and having trouble consistently getting items to select even using your tips (couldn't get it to work at all until your tips!). What is the difference between clicking on a line of a character to get the selections handles for an object back or to get a character in an object to turn to the red dotted line so you can nudge it for welding? Not sure if this has to do with the order of steps I am taking or what. Thanks for all the great help on your blog!

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