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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A note about the Cricut Circle

There has been some confusion about which cart new members will receive when they join the Circle. I have confirmed the details with PC and here is the info:

Going forward all new never joined before Circle members will receive French Manor in their Welcome Pack, not Sophie.

At some point after this quarter (Aug - Oct) has finished Sophie will be added to Circle Rewards and you will be able to get it from there.

Edited to add new info:

Sophie will be available to order from Cricut Rewards once PC commence mailing out the carts to existing members.


Bunnyfreak said...

Thank you for putting this information out there for all to know. I wish PC would make this clear on the circle sign up page.

Karen said...

I am debating joining and have what is probably a stupid question, The carts that you get in the circle do you pay seperate from your membership fees or it comes included???

KAT said...

so, as an existing circle member since last yr, does that mean i'll get the sophie?

Narelle said...


Your membership fee includes the carts. :)

All existing members receive Sophie. If you have left the circle at any point and are rejoining you should still get Sophie. It's definitely worth a call to PC to confirm that if you do fall into that category.

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