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Monday, 15 August 2011

Font list updated for July 2011 carts

The July fonts have been added to Cricut Craft Room so finally I can share the new Fonts list with you.


Full US version

Full A4 version

Additions only version


Vanessa said...

Thanks so much for everything you do!

Hope said...

You are awesome!!! Thanks so much for putting this together :-)

Cozy Crop House said...

Thanks, Narelle! Would you please explain the difference between the full US version and the Full A4 version? Thanks so much for putting this together AND for updating it!

Narelle said...

The two documents are identical other then their paper size. The US version has its paper size set to Letter.

The A4 version has its paper size set to, well... A4

The sizes are slightly different. Letter is a little wider than A4. A4 is a little taller than Letter.

Using the correct version for your part of the world means the document will print out as it should.

I've had a couple of questions about this so I'll update the post to add this info. :)


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