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Monday, 23 May 2011

Font list is finally updated!

With the release of April's Hello Thursday I can finally release the latest version of the Cricut Carts with Fonts list.

There was only one cart (American Alphabet) with a font in the April release (out of 17 carts!).

The carts haven't been added to Design Studio yet, but luckily they were added to Cricut Craft Room so I was able to get my screen shot from there.

I've also used CCR to get screen shots of the two Imagine carts that have fonts (Blast Off and Country Carnival) and have added them to the list.

Other changes to the list are:

Many of the screen shots have been redone in different colours so you won't be using up all the blue ink in your printer.

The blank spaces have been removed (I got a lot of requests asking for that to reduce the number of pages). The draw back to that is that you will have to print the whole document - not just the pages that had the changes on them.

However..... if you don't want to print the whole document I will add a link to a document that only has the new carts on it. You can then add that to the front of your print outs.

I'm also trialling a new file sharing site - Hopefully you will find it easier to use than mediafire. I'm not sure of what my download limit it. I guess I'm about to find out! :) Please let me know if you have any problems downloading/accessing the files.

Here's the links:
US letter Full Fonts list:
A4 Full Fonts list:
April additions only:

As usual the files are PDF's. (To maintain the accuracy and integrity of the files I don't share the word documents.)

Just a reminder that there was no Hello Thursday in May. Can't wait for June!!


Nadia said...

How wonderfully generous you are to share your files with us! I am sure this took forever to compile and I find it so helpful. My school is trying to pick out some cartridges for lettering and I know this will be so helpful to them since you have included samples of the actual fonts.

Thank you so much for doing this!

Adele said...

Thank you so much for your time spent on doing this for us Narelle
You're a star :)

ScrappyMama said...

Thanks for always taking care of us in this's very helpful!! I seem to be having an issue printing the document out this time (it's never done this before)...if I try to print out either the US letter Full Font list or the A4 Full Fonts list, your copyright stamp prints across the whole page (it shows the copyright stamp on the screen & it prints it across each page). It doesn't do this on the April additions only (it doesn't show on the screen & doesn't print). Is there something that I'm doing wrong now?

Narelle said...

Glad you find the font list useful! I did put a copyright watermark on the document this time. I made sure it wasn't too intrusive and as it doesn't appear on top of the samples of text I hope I succeeded. I felt I just had to protect my work as it took me so long to put together.

The reason it's not on the April sheet is because.... I forgot! :)

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