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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Quick Tip #2

Missing selection handles

Sometimes, even though you are clicking on the edge of your object you just can’t get the selection handles to appear around your object. Many people will tell you to close DS and reopen it and they’ll reappear. Well, yes they will... but there’s an easier (and quicker) way.....

Press the ALT key! Just like you use the ALT key to make the handles disappear, it will also make them reappear.

I don’t know why they go missing occasionally, but at least now you know how to get them back!


Linda said...

Thanks for this. I remarked on the subject with a link to your blog. =)

Susan said...

Your blog is going to be a lifesaver, I can tell! I just installed my Cricut DS and I immediately thought how user unfriendly it is. I did a search for a tutorial on it and found your blog. Immediately Quick Tip #2 helped tremendously because there were no handles on the first image I tried to use and I thought I was going to have to move all my images using just the shape properties box! I will definitely be back again and again as I get the hang of my new toy.

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