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Monday, 19 January 2009

Vertical Welding

There are two ways to create vertical welding.

  • Placing all your letters/pictures all in one object box. Using this option allows you to move/resize etc the whole word at once.
  • Making each letter/picture its own object. Each letter must be moved/resized individually

Here is how you do it the first way:

  • Select a cartridge. This example uses the Base Camp cartridge.
  • Type the word you want to weld. I have used the word BASE

  • Using your mouse select the A. The outline will turn red.

  • Using the Nudge buttons in the Properties box move the A down and to the left until it is under the B.

    Make sure the top of the A is just slightly overlapping the bottom edge of the B.

  • Select the S and again using the Nudge buttons move it down and to the left so that it is under the A and the top is overlapping the bottom of the A.

  • Select the E and Nudge it down and to the left so it's under the S and its top is overlapping the bottom of the S

  • Tick Welding in the Properties box

  • At this point you can increase/decrease the size of your word by using the bottom right sizing handle.

  • To check that the word has welded correctly open a new page in your design by clicking the New Page button.

  • Click the Preview button.

  • You should see something like this:

And now to the second way of welding vertically.

  • Type the word BASE. After typing each letter press the Enter key. That way each letter will become its own object.
    Notice how there is an object box around each individual letter.

  • Select the B

  • Select Welding from the Properties box

  • Select the A. Using the Free move handle (top left) move the A underneath the B. Make sure it is slightly overlapping the bottom of the B

    (Hold down the ALT key to make the handles disappear. This makes placing your object much easier.)

  • Click Welding in the Properties box

  • Select the S and move it underneath the A. Check that it is overlapping the bottom of the A

  • Click Welding

  • Select the E and move it underneath the S. Check that it is overlapping the bottom of the S

  • Click Welding

  • Open a new page in your design to check the welding by clicking the New Page button

  • Click the Preview button

  • If any of the letters are a solid colour, it means that Welding has not been selected.

  • If you need to adjust the overlapping of any letters, go back to the page with the design on it and adjust as necessary.

Here is the word BASE done both ways. They look pretty much the same. The difference is that the first one is easier to resize/move.


Etha said...

beautiful! thanks for the neat tutorial :)

Susan said...

I left an award for you at my blog. Thanks for all you do to assist those new to Cricut!!

okie_ladybug said...

You have something on my blog to pick up!

Le@nne said...

soooooo Easy!! Thankyou!! I received DS for free with my Cricut Create and had given up on it after my first use. This was EASY!!!

The McSmitty Girl said...

What a fantastic tutorial! TFS. I must try this (both ways) on my next project. I look forward to more tutorials.

Ms. Stewart if you're Crafty... said... you have base going vertically...what if I wanted to weld that to the end of a rectangle to make a greeting card...How would I do that??


Joan said...

Thank you so much for the tutorials. They are so helpful.

dj1952 said...

I was wondering why you open a new file. How do you preview what you did in another file in a new one? Or did I miss a step. Wouldn't you hit preview in the file you just created? Or close it and reopen it and do so?


Narelle said...

You're not actually opening a new file, just a new page on your current file. By previewing from a different page all the non-cutting lines will be hidden, and you'll be able to see exactly what will cut.

Susan said...

Thanks for your help, I am new to the Expression and CD is giving me fits. Why do my letters, when I click on weld, move away from the letter I'm trying to weld it to. I've been trying to follow your guide but, don't know what I've done to cause this. Thanks, Susan (scrapmyartout)

Narelle said...

Hi Susan

Could you possibly be pressing the Apply button?

The Apply button is only used with the Kerning feature. It will separate the letters the amount that is in the kerning box. So make sure your not pressing that.

If that's not it let me know and I'll have another think.

Susan said...

Yep! That was it, thanks. I knew that sometimes it did it and sometimes it didn't. :) I just have to remember what steps to take when. Thanks again, I'm sure I'll have many more questions as I struggle along.

Susie said...

Finally, welding instructions that make sense! Thank you so much.

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