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Friday, 23 January 2009

Forgot to back up!

So I was sick of how my blogged looked and decided to pick a new template. Did I make a backup of the blog? No, of course I didn't. (What could possibly go wrong???)

So, I change the template, save and lo and behold - all my gadgets were gone. All the links to other sites and blogs. My page counter, my followers.... everything!

I've managed to get most of it back, but still need to add the sites/blogs. Some of them I have no idea of the addresses.

And to make matters worse - I still hate the look of the blog!


Etha said...

I'm so sorry :( I hope you get it all figured out and fixed to your liking!!

Jill said...

I know your pain. I did the same thing--twice, but I don't think I had as much on there as you. At least you didn't lose your great posts!

jackieb said...

Hi: I am new to Design Studio and love all the help you have here on your blog.

For free backgrounds, check out this link:

I have used this on my block and love it. It does leave a tiny ad in the upper left hand corner of your blog but well worth it.

The backgrounds can be changed easily with no problem.

I'll be back to get more great tips.

thanks, jackieb

kidzanangel7 said...

I am sorry what happened to your blog, I was just wondering if you ever heard of this site, it has wonderful backgrounds and headers for blogs. I hope this will help you.

Narelle said...

The funny thing is, it was thecutestblogontheblock that I was using before all the trouble started. I decided I wanted a new look and the rest is history. At the moment I'm just using one of the standard Blogger templates (and hate it). When I have more time I'll play again.

Rhonda said...

I did that annoying

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