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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Some new videos!

If you want more info on Cricut Craft Room and the new Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition check out this link:

You better believe that one of those E2's has my name on it!


Debby said...

Link don't work. :(

Narelle said...

Try now Debby. I deleted it and pasted it back in again.

ms Joyce said...

WHEN will it (craft room) be avalible?

Narelle said...

It's set for a POSSIBLE release late April. But that date isn't set in stone. It will all depend on the results of the beta testing that is currently being done.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was going crazy last night trying to find Cricut Craft Room on their website and could not find it. So glad to hear it's not out yet and I'm not crazy. Well at least on this site anyway. It sounds exciting. Can't wait to hear more about it and how to hook up our computer to our cricut. Will we need different cords?
Exciting and FREE!

Narelle said...

You'll need a standard A/B USB cord to connect your computer to your Cricut. If you're using DS you'll already have one. And your printer most likely uses that type of cord. They are readily available at most big stores eg Walmart or any store that sells computer accessories.

taylorracing said...

Please help!! The cursor always disappears off my screen to the right and I have to hold the arrow key down to get it back. This happens continually when I'm trying to work on a project. Do you know what the problem may be and how to correct it. Thank you so much.


Narelle said...

Hi Janet,

Hate to say it but that's how the cursor works in DS. It used to work differently, in that when it got close to the right edge of the mat it would wrap around. That caused it's own problems especially when you where half way through typing a word.

There were so many complaints about that, that the DS developers changed it so it wouldn't wrap around but continue off the mat.

So of course there was complaints about that too.

They were thinking at once stage about making it an option that we could turn on or off. But then Cricut Craft Room started being developed and no more program changes were made to DS.

One thing that helps me is to work on the 12 x 24" mat. Then once I have finished my design I change back to 12 x 12 (or 6x12) to cut the design.

Also, you can slowly double click on the mat to get your cursur back.

Hope that helps!


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