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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Cricut Expression2

As I mentioned in an earlier post the Expression2 was recently announced at CHA.

It will be launched on HSN on April 26. I can't wait! Even though HSN doesn't ship to Australia you can bet that one of those bad boys will be finding it's way to my house via the USA!

I believe the HSN edition will be a limited "Anniversary" edition to celebrate Cricuts 5 year anniversary.

Here's a video with some info about the new Expression2.

9 comments: said...

Well, you just let me know and I will help you ship one over there!

Narelle said...

Thanks! My best friend* in the US has kindly offered to organise it for me. Well, I begged, she said OK.... :)

That's like offering isn't it????

Yes, I only have one friend in the US!!!!! LOL

bujgirl said...

Do you know how much they will cost? With the AU$ sooooo good right now (if only it would last until April), I wouldn't mind buying one too.

My dad lives in California but he never buys anything from HSN (he's elderly so I don't think he'd know how) so I'm looking for a friend LOL.

Narelle said...

From memory (from the videos I saw from CHA) the RRP will be $399 - the same as the regular Expression.

There's no word on what HSN's price will be yet - because they usually put some sort of a bundle together to include extras like carts etc.

When I know more I'll post.

I think you can place the order on HSN using your Dad's address etc. But you'll need to use his credit card as they won't accept ours.

Also, keep in mind, because you're buying it from the US there'll be no warranty. If anything goes wrong with it you'll need to send it back to Provocraft at your expense.

Sometimes it's better to wait till they come out here. Only thing is it won't be the Anniversary edition. :(

bujgirl said...

That's fine. I've bought most of my Cricut stuff from US (I have expression, gypsy and cake mini). I'd like to believe that if there is ever anything wrong then I get an extra trip to see my dad (that's my excuse anyway) besides in all the years I've owned my cricut expression (since 2007), it has never had any problems - touch wood.

Louise Sutton said...

My wordy Lordy Narelle! This looks so cool!!!!!!
Can I come play with yours one day, or watch while you play? I promise not to drool.....very much.

Narelle said...

Of course you can Louise!

As soon at he arrives I'll let you know! Still a few months away unfortunately. Hopefully I'll catch up with you before then.

February is busy for me so hopefully I'll be back stamping at your place in March!

dj1952 said...

I just found your site, and I hope to learn a little more about my Gypsy. I've had it since last year and unfortunately haven't used it yet.

Can't wait to explore more here. Could you tell me where you got the little guy blogging? It describes me some days. LOL. I've become a follower.


dj1952 (Debra)

Narelle said...

I found the blogging guy on photobucket. You should be able to right click on him and select Save Image As and save him to your computer.

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