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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Can't find a cart?

There a quite a few cartridges that are hard to find in the DS cartridge libraries, because of how they are titled.

Here's a list of the title that appears on the cartridge box and where you will find it in the DS cart library.

Hannah Montana
Disney - Hannah Montana
Mickey Font
Disney - Mickey Font
Pooh Font
Disney - Pooh Font Set
Hello Kitty Font
Sanrio - Hello Kitty Font


DC Comics - Batman - The Brave and the Bold
Disney/Pixar - Cars
Dreams Come True
Disney - Princesses Dreams Come True
Elmo's Party
Sesame Street - Elmo's Party
Everyday Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls for Everyday
Happily Every After
Disney - Princesses Happily Ever After
Hello Kitty Greetings
Sanrio - Hello Kitty
Mickey and Friends
Disney - Mickey and Friends
Pooh and Friends
Disney - Pooh and Friends
Spongebob SquarePants
Nickelodeon - Spongebob SquarePants
Tinker Bell & Friends
Disney - Tinker Bell & Friends

There are a couple of other cartridges that sometimes cause confusion.

Stand and Salute / United We Stand
The Stand and Salute cartridge has "United We Stand" on the front. United we Stand is just an example of one of the titles in the cartridge. It's not the name of the cartridge.

Christmas Noel
Noel is French for Christmas and like all other Cricut cartridges Provocraft put the title in both English and French on the cover. The cart is simply called Christmas.


llsacorn said...

I cannot find the Easter 2010 on my Cricut Design Studio. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for your help!

Narelle said...

It's in the FONT PACK update at:

It's the 2nd update option.

Michelle said...

Maybe I missed something... Shouldn't the cartridges that I own show up on the display screen where the categories are? I am not able to find them... any help? I may not be understanding the category thing... or how to make it work... I do have the stand and salute and the sweethearts one and winter wonderland, etc.

heidi said...


Narelle said...

Lifes a beach is in the PROGRAM update.

Narelle Darley said...

Michelle, if your cartridges aren't showing in the All by Category library then you need to update Design Studio.

Go to

The first download contains all carts released before Nov 09.

The font pack contains all carts released since Nov 09.

Celeste a.k.a. KraftyKards said...

I have Windows 7, have downloaded the font packs and when i go to install i click to install...but then it gives me an error. will not update. i have also uninstalled/reinstalled...then updated again, but nothing. I need the cricut lite carts to appear but they won't. Any ideas?

Narelle said...

Hi Celeste

When you are downloading the Font Pack are you saving it to your computer then installing it from there? Installing direct from the cricut website causes problems.

Also, make sure you're firewall and virus software are switched off when you're doing the font download.

Twilight said...

I can't seem to find Nate's ABCs and Pack Your Bags on DS. I've loaded all the updates (at least as far as I can tell).

Narelle said...

Nates ABC's and Pack your bags was added to the Font Pack in December 2010.

Have you done the Font Pack update? Even though it shows the latest Update as being November 2010 the December and January carts are in it also.

Download the Font Pack to your computer then install it from there. Make sure DS is closed when you're installing.

Get the update here:

Rose Polanco said...

I purchased Mini Books and cannot find the update for Design Studio. Please help

Jen said...

I just purchased Chalkboard Fonts and installed all the updates I could find for DS and it still doesn't not show up in my DS list of cartridges...what am I missing?

Narelle said...

Design Studio isn't being updated anymore. The last carts to be added were in April 2013. Chalkboard Fonts was released in June 2013. Therefore it won't be added to DS.

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