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Monday, 24 May 2010

Blog Update

Yes, I HAVE changed the design of the blog AGAIN! :)

But this time, I'm actually happy with it.

I've got some tutorials in mind, so I better get busy.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Installing DS on your new computer

So, you've bought a new computer and you want to install your copy of Design Studio on to it? Or you reformatted your computer and need to reinstall DS?

Here's what you need to do:
  • DON'T install DS from the original cd. It is the original version from 2007 and isn't compatible with Windows Vista 64 bit or Windows 7 and chances are your new computer is running one of those. 
It also doesn't contain any of the new program updates and you'd need to update it anyway. But don't throw it away as you need the serial number from the cd envelope!
  • Disable your computer's Firewall and virus software
  • Download the program update from here.
For more information regarding downloading Design Studio updates see this post: Downloading and installing DS updates
  • After you have downloaded the Program update you need to install it.
  • Once DS has installed it will take you to the activation screen.
Some DS users have been able to use the serial number from the original DS disk to activate.

However, if after using that serial number you get an error message saying that your serial number has been installed on another computer you will need to contact Provocraft customer service.  They will release the number from your other computer so you can use it on your new computer.
You may need proof of purchase.

Contact details for Provocraft are:

Cricut Support hours
Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm (MST)
Phone: 801-932-1144
Toll free: (in the US) 877-7CRICUT

If you reside in Australia and purchased your copy of Design Studio from an Australian authorised Cricut retailer you can contact our local distributor (details below) who will issue you with your new number. You will DEFINITELY need your proof of purchase, so hang on to your receipt/tax invoice.

Australian distributor details:

Print Blocks - Brisbane
Send an email to (let them know you need a new serial number)

You will need to supply them with the following information:

Your name
Your address
Your phone number
Where purchased (Authorised Australian Cricut retailer)
Date purchased
Serial number of the Design Studio cd.

Attach a scanned copy of your original tax invoice to the email.

If your copy of DS didn't come from an Australian authorised Cricut retailer you will need to phone the US number above.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Create A Critter shaped cards

Creating a shaped card is easy. Here's one using the Create-A-Critter cartridge. I can't wait till mine arrives so I can actually cut it out!

Copy = Ctrl C or Edit, Copy or the DS copy button
Paste = Ctrl V or Edit, Paste or the DS paste button

Decide what size you want your card to be and set that size on the Default Size slider under the DS keypad.

Place your image on the mat

With the image still selected copy it to the clipboard

Paste the copied image onto the mat. It will cover the original image.


Using the right arrow on your keypad (or the horizontal move handle - middle left) move the pasted image over to the right.

Select the image on the left, then select Flip from the Properties box


Move the left image over to the right so that the two images are just overlapping. Make sure you overlap them enough that the join won't be too flimsy when the card is folded.

Select each object in turn and click Welding in the Properties box.

Here's what the welded card look like when previewed from a new page.

Note that the feature lines in the tail are missing. That happens when objects are welded together.

Now that you have the base of your card, you can create the layers.

Create-A-Critter has 3 layers. Here's what my mat looks like with all the layers added ready to cut. The layers are in colour because they haven't had Welding selected, which means that the feature lines will cut.

Now all I need is for the cartridge to arrive! :)

Have a great day!


Monday, 10 May 2010

Uploading a picture as an avatar

Do you have a picture on your computer that you want to use as your avatar on the message board?

Here's how you do it using Photobucket. (

(Thank you to Scrapalette for the easy directions)

1.    Open your photobucket account
2.    Click on the My Home link at the top of the screen

3.    Select the album to where you want to upload the photo

4.    Click the "more options" link
5.    Select Medium (320 x 240) * (see note below)

* Note: If the picture you are uploading is a very high resolution image, MEDIUM may still be too big. You may need to use either SMALL or TINY. (I had to use Tiny....) Come back to here if you get an error saying the file is too big at point no. 22.

6.    Click Save

7.    Click the green Upload Images and Videos button

8.    Navigate to the directory that contains the photo you want to upload

9.    Select the photo and press Open

10.  When the photo has finished uploading press the blue Save button

Underneath your photo you will see this box:

11.  Click inside the box next to Direct Link. The text should be hi-lighted.

12.  Use Ctrl C to copy the text to the clipboard (or right click and select Copy)

13.  Go to the message board

14.  From the menu select My Profile

15.  Scroll down till you see this:

16.  Make sure "Upload my picture" is selected

17.  Click on Upload my picture (will replace the existing one)

18.  Click inside the file name box (or click the Browse button)

19.  Click inside the File Name box at the bottom of the screen

20.  Use Ctrl V (or right click, select Paste) to paste the image details.

21.  Press the Open button

22. Press OK. (If you get a "File too large" error, go back to point # 5 above.)

23.  Press OK.

Now you should see this:

Note: If you want to use the same photo as your Profile photo just click the 'Use your avatar as profile photo"

24.  Go to the bottom of the screen and press the Apply button.

Now go check one of your posts and you should see your new avatar!!