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Monday, 22 December 2008

Hide Contour feature

Here's a quick tutorial on using the new Hide Contour feature that was included in the December 08 update. Get the update here: DS Update Dec 08.

  • Place an object from one of the DS cartridges on your virtual mat.
I've used the cup and saucer from the the Beyond Birthdays cartridge.

  • Left click on any edge of the object to select it.
The outline of the object will change from black to red.

In the example above we'll hide the steam.

  • Left click on the outline of the steam.
It will turn red. The rest of the image will turn black.

  • Right click anywhere near the object and select Hide Selected Contour from the drop down menu.

  • Press Enter or click elsewhere on the virtual mat.
The outline of the steam is now a light blue color and won't cut out when you send your design to the Cricut.

  • To make the steam appear again left click to select it.
  • Right click and select Show Selected Contour from the drop down menu

And now to the "bug" in this new feature.

If you hide a contour in an object, then use the copy & paste function to copy the object the "hidden" contour won't be hidden in the pasted objects. (The "hiding" doesn't copy over).

Also, the "hide selected contour" function won't be available to the pasted objects when you right click. Very annoying. But there is a way around it.

After you have copied and pasted your objects, save your file then close it.
When you re-open the file the Hide contour feature should now be available.